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Bird Flu Alert: US Health Agencies Boost Milk Testing Amid Fair Concerns

US Health Agencies Boost Milk Testing Amid Fair Concerns

United States: Amid the times of the bird fairs, which will act as catalyst for the spread of infection among birds and humans, the health agencies of the United States have been focusing on expanding bird flu testing in milk products.

According to the acting director for the Centers for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition of FDA – Don Prater, additional testing will be conduction on samples of approximately 155 milk products which will be providing more clarity regarding the presence of the virus in the product. The information was exchanged by the health experts through a call with certain reporters, as per Reuters.

Prater further explained that when FDA conducted a test on around 297 samples, the results for the presence of bird flu came negative. Along with this, the agency has repeated declined for the usage of raw milk, as there are high chances of virus presence.

Flu and its Testing!

Director of National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases – Demetre Daskalakis stated that testing will be done on more than 690 people – who are possible exposed to the infection. The expert outlined that the people will be examined for flu-like symptoms. Along with this, 50 people have developed flu-like symptoms and they have been tested. It is to be noted that NCIRD is a health agency of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Reuters explained.

According to the health experts, since the beginning of the bird flu spread among humans, three (3) dairy farm workers have tested positive for the infection, now all three have been recovered from the disease.

Michigan begins serological testing!

Michigan has been receiving technical assistance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as the US state have been starting serological testing for individuals working in farms. Daskalakis also outlined that special focus will be given to ensure the complete testing in other US States.

Besides this, Deeble mentioned that the US Department for Agriculture has also conducted research on the spread of the virus through infected milk consumption and respiratory droplets, according to Reuters.

The expert further explained that there are expectations that the development of the vaccine for dairy cows – against bird flu – “is going to take some time,” and some health agencies have also anticipated that the infection could be eradicated without the use of a vaccine.

It is to be noted that during mid-June, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack stated that the health agency has contacted more than two dozen of the companies, which can help in development of bird flu vaccine for cows.

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