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Dark Christmas in Minneapolis: Gunfire claims two lives, including innocent teenager!

Visual Representation for Crime on Christmas

United States: Christmas weekend was fun for many, but Minneapolis witnessed a deadly shooting incident in which two (2) people, including a teenager, lost their lives. The incident took place during the afternoon of Christmas weekend (Sunday).

The preliminary information shared by the police authorities revealed that along with two, three (3) people were brutally injured and are seeking medical assistance in hospital.

A spokesperson for Minneapolis Police, Sunday, confirmed that the teenager was a 17-year-old boy – who lost his life to a gunshot wound.

Increase in crime in the US!

The worries and concerns of the police authorities of the United States have increased with the surge in crime incidents. It is to be noted that on Friday and Saturday, two shooting incidents took place near the busy intersection of East Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue in south Minneapolis.

While referring to the two shooting incidents at the East Lake Streat, an anonymous spokesperson for Metro Transit Police mentioned that the Police Department of Minneapolis “has called for (its) assistance, to help them increase patrols and the number of officers in that area.”

People in Minneapolis’ Longfellow neighborhood were worried on Sunday. They witnessed that the windows of businesses had been broken by bullets, so they put boards over them. This happened as they were doing some last-minute holiday shopping.

One of the eye-witnesses named Karina Meyer, while talking about the Saturday night, mentioned, “We heard it. We heard the helicopters coming around and we heard the sirens going on.” She further expressed she is concerned about her daughter, Gabi Meyer, who is 11 years old, who also heard the sounds while they were both getting ready to go out of town for a holiday.

Meyer further expressed, “It just makes me feel confused. Like, why do people do that? It’s just really dumb.

One of Meyer’s neighbours, Renee, also said, “And you know, it’s hard to raise kids around here.” She further expressed that she has been living in the area for nearly 30 years, and with the passage of time, a lot has evolved.

She was quoted saying, “Yeah, it has. It has a lot. Sometimes it’s, you know, really good, and sometimes it’s really bad,” and then added, “You know, that’s sad. Innocent people get hurt.

These consecutive shooting incidents have also prompted City Council Member Jason Chavez to deliver a statement. Through email, he wrote, “My heart breaks for these reckless acts of violence. My thoughts are with the victims and their families. No one should ever have to fear for their life. Or fear that people will shoot at them from moving vehicles. This is unacceptable.

Jason Chavez

However, the police spokesperson has underlined that it is yet unclear whether the two incidents were connected or not.

Along with this, the Minneapolis Police Department reported a case of fatal stabbing inside a home on Minnehaha Ave near 52nd St. Police. As per the official information, a 46-year-old man was murdered in the incident and the officers arrested a 30-year-old woman at the crime scene.

The data has revealed that the Minneapolis Police Department has reported around seven (7) cases of homicide since Saturday, December 16.

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