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Dengue Cases Surge in US as Heat Drives Mosquito Migration

Dengue Cases Surge in US as Heat Drives Mosquito Migration

United States: Deadly and disease-carrying mosquitoes have been encroaching the southern states of the United States as the temperature have been rising. With this increase, the concerns and worries related to the mosquito-borne diseases have also increased.

Why experts have sounded alarm?

During the recent times, the world has been witnessing a sudden surge in the number of cases linked to dengue fever. As per the reports by the Post, “[There are] a record 10 million people who have fallen ill with dengue so far this year.” The above mentioned data reveal that around one in every 800 people on the planet is suffering with dengue.

Reportedly, this shocking count includes the infected people from every nook and corner of the world – from Puerto Rico to Nepal to even untouched countries.

Authorities issue warnings!

After witnessing the increased numbers of the cases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have warned the healthcare providers and travellers to be cautious against dengue infection and its risk.

Heightened concerns!

The experts have explained that the increase in the global temperature provides more appropriate and favourable conditions for dengue to spread and breed. In addition to this, the high temperature is also beneficial for the virus to mutate and spread even faster during the hotter temperatures.

The reports by Post mentioned that a study published in Ecology Letters explained that the mosquito can grow faster, bite more people and lay more eggs during the high temperature. The authors of the study further wrote, “It lays its eggs wherever there is standing water: in vent pipes of septic tanks, water meters, discarded tires, and broken flower pots.”

Explaining the increasing tendency of the dengue fever over the upcoming decades, the experts mentioned that if the temperature continued to increase in the same pace, approximately 2 billion people across the world will be infected to dengue.

What could be possibly done?

The health experts have been appealing the general public to get vaccinated against dengue. In addition to this special focus have also been given to increasing public awareness.

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