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Measles Alert: A Traveler Sparks Public Health Warning

Measles Alert: A Traveler Sparks Public Health Warning | Credits: Science Photo Library

United States: The threat associated with Measles have become increasing with the every passing day. Recently the possible exposure linked to the infection was reported by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The case has been detected in an international visitor and can possibly led to an outbreak.

Alert on Potential Measles Exposure

On June 22, an individual contagious with measles journeyed from Boston to Amsterdam, utilizing public conveyances, as disclosed by the Department of Public Health (DPH), according to

The DPH identified potential exposure at 11:40 am on the Dartmouth Coach bus in Hanover, NH, traveling from Dartmouth College to Logan Airport, Boston, MA, arriving at approximately 2:40 pm.

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Subsequently, from 2:40 pm to 8:40 pm, the individual remained at Terminal E before boarding KLM Flight 6016 to Amsterdam, departing from Gate E5.

Further, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services reported the presence of the individual at the following locales:

– June 20-22: Dartmouth College campus, Hanover

– June 20-22: The Hanover Inn, 2 E Wheelock Street, Hanover

– June 20, 3 pm: Hanover Scoops, 57 S Main Street, Hanover

– June 20-22: Lou’s Restaurant and Bakery, 30 S Main Street, Hanover (one meal on an unspecified date and time)

The Department of Health stated that measles is among the most effortlessly transmitted diseases, as mentioned by

Symptoms include high fever, cough, runny nose, and watery eyes, preceding the emergence of a rash.

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Authorities advise individuals exhibiting symptoms to contact their healthcare provider before visiting any medical facility.

In this matter, Public Health Commissioner, MD, PhD – Robbie Goldstein mentioned, “Measles is a highly contagious airborne disease that has seen an increase in cases and outbreaks worldwide. People who are not vaccinated are at greater risk of infection. The best way for people to protect themselves from this disease is to make sure they are vaccinated.”

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