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Rabies Concerns Rise in US: Recent Fox Attacks Highlight Growing Threat

Rabies Concerns Rise in US | Credits: Getty Images

United States: The concerns related to rabies infection have been increasing at a rapid pace across the United States. Recently, a suspected case has been reported in a man in Bath after a fox tried to bite him.

According to the preliminary information shared by the Police, the fox has been tested positive for rabies, and there are chances that the infection could have transmitted to humans. It is to be noted that the fox bitten the human along Western Ave. on June 28.

Reportedly, the animal was kicked away by the man and then killed by the police officials who tracked it for a while, according to

The testing was done on Wednesday, and the experts have confirmed that the fox was infected with rabies infection.

It is to not for the first time that rabies infection has been found in Bath, especially in foxes. In 2019, first ever rabies case was confirmed in the city. The experts have also outlined that in 2019 Bath county reported highest number of cases as compared to other communities in Maine.

Followed by 2023, as many as 66 confirmed cases of rabies in Maine. Experts have mentioned that half of the cases were related to raccoons.

Rabies – an emerging threat

Another similar case was reported in Winston-Salem, where another fox tested positive for rabies. The fox was tested after it attacked two people. The details regarding the same were shared by the Forsyth County Department of Public Health. The attack was done on June 27.

One incident occurred during a community event at the Williams C Sims Senior Recreation Center, according to

Shakayla Glenn said she was working at the rec center the day a fox bit a woman who was painting a mural outside.

Glenn was quoted saying, “It was a bunch of chaos. Everyone was like someone just got bit by a fox with rabies. It bit her hand, leg, and her arm, from what she told us.” She further mentioned that the Animal control was informed and arrived shortly after.

“They came and spotted the fox. Shot it twice. It wasn’t that big. They were able to capture it, and hopefully, it’s the only one roaming around in the community,” Glenn mentioned. The reports noted that Glenn was the only victim who appeared to be okay.

Glenn mentioned, “She was pacing and wanted to call her spouse. That’s a shocker for anyone to be bitten by a fox. Thinking you’re having a therapeutic time painting and enjoying your evening at this community event,” as reported by

Visual Representation for Rabies Infection

Rabies is becoming more common!

The Health Department has mentioned that there is a high chance that the incidents will increase during the summer months. During a press conference, the health officials outlined, “Vaccinate animals and avoid wildlife. It’s not just foxes, its skunks, raccoons, and groundhogs.  This is not new but with the weather and holiday coming up we might see more exposure.”

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