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US Faces Mpox Outbreak: CDC Issues Guidelines on Vaccination

US Faces Monkeypox Outbreak

United States: The United States has been reporting a surge in cases linked to mpox. Recently, a state reported a surge in around 175 percent of the cases – compared to the year 2023.

Mpox, which is also known as monkeypox, is a deadly disease that is transmissible from unhealthy humans to healthy humans. Along with this, infected animals and other materials can also become a medium for spread, according to reports by

During the times when cases linked to mpox have been increasing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has asked the general public to avoid physical contact with the person or material who might have mpox.

The CDC has shared recommendations that will break the spread chain of the infection. Accordingly, some of the basic practises that should be followed are frequent hand washing, increased use of hand sanitizer, and practicing good hygiene.

Along with this, the health agency have also asked the individual suffering with any of the symptoms associated with the disease to seek medical attention as soon as possible. It has also asked to opt isolation to prevent further transmission.

The Role of Vaccination!

During the times when the threat associated with the increased cases of mpox has been looming, the health authorities of several states have appealed to ramp up vaccination efforts. Along with this, several authorities have come together to organize public health awareness campaigns to increase the education and knowledge among the people about the symptoms, transmission, and prevention against mpox.  

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Besides this, the officials have also focused on the importance of early detection and timely medical intervention to control the spread of the infection and disease.  

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